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The Springfield Creative City Collective
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Springfield Creative City Collective

The Springfield Creative City Collective is a coalition of economic development stakeholders focused on the transformation and revitalization of the Springfield creative and cultural economy, through sustainable and culturally proficient initiatives that interconnect advocacy, racial equity, social justice, professional development, and strategic investment.

Building a Creative Economy For All of Us

How SCCC began

  • Inception of Springfield Creative City Collective

    February, 2021

    Six like-minded individuals begin meeting weekly to dream of a healed and thriving Springfield. They discuss and brainstorm on how to create a strategic plan to build a sustainably prosperous Springfield.

  • TDI Creative Cities Program grant release

    January 20, 2022

    Mass Development and the Barr Foundation release the TDI Creative Cities Program grant. The grant is open to any city or town in Massachusetts and is designed to support the development of creative communities.

  • Last-minute Grant Application

    February 23, 2022 11:59pm

    SCCC TDI Creative Cities Program grant application is submitted at the very last minute. The application includes a detailed plan outlining the team's vision for a creative community in Springfield, including specific initiatives and programs to support local creatives.

  • Grant Award Notification

    April 15, 2022

    SCCC is notified of winning the $530,000 TDI Creative Cities Program grant. The team is excited and ready to begin their work and make their vision a reality.

  • SCCC Year One Kickoff

    July 13, 2022

    Springfield Creative City Collective officially kicks off year one. The team starts implementing the plan and initiatives from the grant application, with the goal of creating a thriving creative community in Springfield.

  • Public-facing Programming Begins

    Nov, 2022

    Public-facing programming and events begin. The SCCC team starts organizing workshops, networking events, and other programs to connect and support local creatives.

  • Love of Springfield Grant Announced

    Jan, 2023

    The "Love of Springfield" Grant is announced. This grant is intended to support local creatives and small business owners in Springfield.

  • For the Love of Springfield Grant Winners Announced

    April 15, 2023

    The "Love of Springfield" Grant winners are announced!

Our Timeline

Join us on

our Mission

The Springfield Creative City Collective's four main pillars are;

Heal, Empower, Invest & Sustain.


The Springfield Creative City Collective is made up of a group of stakeholders and partners in the community working together to create a vibrant creative and culturally focused economy in Springfield.

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Funded by MassDevelopment/TDI and the Barr Foundation, Springfield Creative City Collective is part of “TDI Creative Cities” initiative to boost arts-based economic development.

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