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The Springfield Creative City Collective
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Empowering Springfield Creatives!

The Springfield Creative City Collective (SCCC) is a group of individuals with a shared mission to build a stronger network that benefits all creatives in Springfield, with a focus on those who have been historically disenfranchised.

We understand that many creatives in our community face barriers to success, and we are committed to providing resources and support to help them overcome these obstacles. Our goal is to create a community where all creatives can come together, share their talents and skills, and support one another in achieving their goals. We believe that by connecting and empowering creatives in our city, we can create a brighter future for all residents of Springfield.

Thank you for attending the

2023 Springfield Creative City Collective Annual Meeting

The Springfield Creative City would like to truly give a heartfelt thank you to all who were involved in making our first annual meeting a complete success!

It was beautiful and engaging with local, regional, state, and national creative economic stakeholders focused on system change through creativity.

The theme of the night was, "Sustainable Economic Development Through Creativity." 

Thank you to our electrifying Keynote Speaker Randy Cohen, Vice President of Research Americans for the Arts, and our ALL STAR panel including;

  • Michael Bobbit - Executive Director of the Mass Cultural Council 
  • Xiomara DeLobato - Vice President and Chief of Staff of the Western Mass Economic Development Council
  • Alice Farrell JD, LCSW, MSW - President and Chief Executive Officer of Olive Branch Clinical and Consulting Services
  • Emily Ruddock - Executive Director of MASSCreative &
  • Rashad Frett - Writer, Director, Cinematographer and Editor

Special thanks to all of our creatives who also brought the event to the next level including Aaron St. Louis, Nadia Sims, Fabeyon, Qwalitaye, Chaunacey Anne, Audira Johanna, Paris, Digital Boombox Network, Chucky Crespo Photography, Aspire to Dream Photography and SCCC Executive Committee Member Evyan Diaz! 

Furthermore, so much love gratitude, and appreciation to SCCC Executive Committee Members Hope Ross Gibaldi - Valley Venture Mentors (VVM), and Jasper McCoy - Love Art Collective for all their hard work that made the night amazing! 

I also want to thank the incredible Karen Finn - Springfield Central Cultural District for all of her leadership and support regarding the logistics and operations of our event! 

Lastly, thank you to the incredible and brilliant Penthouse 650 Weddings & Events team for overseeing the logistics and operations for the event! And of COURSE Mo & Co X The Ratchet Hippie Decor and Event Services! We are so honored to have you as partners in our work! 

Congratulations to us ALL! We did that!!

Call for Creative Industry Professionals & Promotional Photoshoot

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Our Mission


This pillar focuses on addressing and repairing the damage caused by past unsustainable creative and cultural development efforts in Springfield. It involves recognizing socioeconomic inequities, developing culturally proficient solutions, and building community trust in order to transform the economic behaviors and potential of the Springfield creative and cultural economy.


Springfield Creative City Collective aims to empower the creative and cultural economy in Springfield by assessing its needs and providing accessible professional development opportunities.


SCCC will focus on making strategic investments in the creative and cultural economy of Springfield in order to meet the needs of the creative economy and its stakeholders. This involves both quantitative and qualitative investments to address inequities and disparities that have hindered the creative and cultural economy for decades.


The Sprinfield Creative City Collective (SCCC) aims to ensure the sustainability of creative and cultural development efforts in Springfield. It involves implementing initiatives to strengthen the creative and cultural economy and ensure the continued growth and prosperity of the Greater Springfield region through the arts and culture industries. These initiatives should be designed to be sustainable in the long term in order to avoid the pitfalls of past short-lived investment efforts.

How you can get involved

Want to support the Springfield Creative Collective's mission of Heal, Empower, Invest & Support?
Here's how to do it!


We work closely with creatives and organizations to create a network of support and collaboration that benefits everyone in our community. Consider giving back by volunteering to help with an event, mentoring or sharing other resources you have access to!

Show up & Support

The best way to support our mission is to attend events and show your support by purchasing art or goods made by our participants, hire creatives in our community and encourage others to do the same!

Like & Share

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Upcoming Events

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**PRO TIP**: The best way to support our mission, and your creative community, is to show up for events & support! Or you can like & share if you can't be there in person.

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The Springfield Creative City Collective is made up of a group of stakeholders and partners in the community working together to create a vibrant creative and culturally focused economy in Springfield.

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