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The Springfield Creative City Collective
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At the Springfield Creative City Collective (SCCC), we believe that a strong and sustainable creative economy requires high levels of professionalism. To achieve this, we are focused on strengthening the professional services of small businesses and individual artists alike.

One key aspect of our "empower" pillar is to help our creative economy stakeholders implement efficient business practices and provide organized and sustainable goods and services. By doing this, we aim to develop a more reliable and engaging creative city.

To achieve this goal, we are working to connect stakeholders with existing resources as well as developing professional development opportunities that are currently not available in our community. One of the things we are doing to empower our community is by offering our financial literacy academy for individual creatives and small businesses. The academy is designed to teach participants the financial skills they need to succeed in today's economy.

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Funded by MassDevelopment/TDI and the Barr Foundation, Springfield Creative City Collective is part of “TDI Creative Cities” initiative to boost arts-based economic development.

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