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April's Featured Community Creative

Lyrical Faith

April is National Poetry Month, and we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate it than by featuring one of the most incredible poets in the world: Lyrical Faith. This talented artist has been making waves with her powerful words and magnetic stage presence, captivating audiences both locally and internationally. But what really sets her apart is her entrepreneurial spirit and drive to create something new and fresh in our community, which is why we're shining a spotlight on her today.

After moving to Western Mass in the fall of 2021 from NYC to attend a doctoral program, Lyrical Faith wanted to connect with the local spoken word/poetry community. However, she quickly realized there were no poetry or spoken word events in the area. Coming from NYC, where there is always something going on, she experienced withdrawal symptoms and had to drive all the way to Boston to attend the closest spoken word event. Being a true creative, she couldn't sit back and wait for someone else to start something; she had to take action and build something herself. And that's exactly what she did.

In the winter of 2021, she reached out to Dewey's Lounge via Instagram DM and set up a meeting to share her plan. After a Zoom meeting with the owner, he agreed to let her host one open mic/spoken word poetry night on their slowest night, Sunday. If the event went well, he agreed to let her host more to get more traffic in the restaurant on Sunday nights. In January 2022, the first Open Mic Poetry Night at Dewey's Lounge was held, featuring local born-and-raised Springfield poet Lynette Johnson. The house was packed and completely sold out! Completely amazed, Kenny Lumpkin, the owner of Dewey's Lounge, agreed right there to have the events every month. A great decision as the success of her event has made it clear that there is a demand for spoken word in the area, and she is more than happy to deliver!

In creating these events herself, Lyrical Faith is the true embodiment of what SCCC stands for and is working so hard to do: creating a vibrant and thriving creative economy in our own community. Her fresh, and hip approach to poetry has helped bring new life to Springfield, and her unwavering dedication to empowering and investing in local artists is truly inspiring.

But Lyrical Faith isn't just making waves locally. As the 3rd ranking woman poet in the world, she is also making a name for herself on the international stage. She regularly hosts and participates in other poetry events in Western Mass and NYC, showcasing her talents to audiences across the country. Each time she steps in front of a crowd, her presence is a reminder of anything is possible if you set your mind to it!

 So if you're looking for a truly unforgettable night out, make sure to check out Lyrical Faith's monthly Open Mic Poetry Night at Dewey's Lounge. And let's all take a moment to celebrate this phenomenal woman for blazing a trail and creating something truly remarkable for us all to enjoy!

Mark your calendars!!

Lyrical Faith’s next Open Mic Poetry night @ Dewey’s Lounge:

Sunday, April 30th, 2023

Sign up list opens at 5:30pm | $10 cover

Dewey’s Lounge
232 Worthington St, Springfield

3rd Ranked Woman Poet in the World

A Bronx native born and raised, Lyrical Faith is a Black American Educator, Activist and Spoken Word Poet. Her award-winning poetry has been a pillar of creative expression since beginning to write and perform at the age of 12. Forever walking by faith, her words have graced stages beyond NYC to impact cities around the country, and countries around the world, such as France, South Africa and Belize.

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March's Featured Community Creative

Taija New

Taija New, a.k.a. the Newbian King, is a Rhythmic Pop entertainer who humbly began her musical journey at open mics in her hometown, Springfield, Massachusetts, where she honed her skills for live performance.

February's Featured Community Creative

The Artist Café

When David Maynard, a banker by trade and art & music aficionado at heart, set out to open the Artist Café, he had a vision for a space where local creatives could come together and enjoy art and music in a cool environment

January's Featured Community Creative

Hey Big Heads

You've probably already been to a Hey Big Heads event, if you haven't we'd like to introduce you to this month's featured community creatives!

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