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April’s Featured Committee Member

Moriah Taylor

Rooted in Creativity: A Look at Moriah Taylor's Journey as a Creative Entrepreneur

Moriah Taylor is a woman with a gift for sharing information and knowledge. After living a thriving life full of culture and social events in Washington DC, she returned to Springfield, only to find herself shocked at the lack of events and social scene in her hometown. But instead of waiting around for something to happen, Moriah decided to create something herself.

Moriah's entrepreneurial spirit led her to found Rooted Essence Dance Studio in 2017. Combining her love for dance and fitness with her newfound business management skills, she created a business for the community, by the community. Moriah taught dance at many schools, including UMass (where she met her husband), Westfield State, and Mt. Holyoke.

During her MBA studies at Bay Path College, Moriah took meticulous notes, not just for studying but also for implementing all the knowledge into her own business. Her hard work paid off, and she wrote the book "Creative Entrepreneurship: Coaching Creatives to Build and Believe in Their Business Dreams" during the pandemic.

Moriah's book empowers readers to connect to their creative purpose and provides insight and guidance on how to start and sustain their entrepreneurial visions. She debunks the myth that artists are not business-savvy and shows how creativity and entrepreneurship can be successfully integrated.

As a spiritually led individual, Moriah's work aligns with the SCCC's mission of creating a creative economy for all. Her upcoming event, the 1st Annual Creative Entrepreneur Conference (CEC) on April 29th, is an opportunity for budding and current entrepreneurs to learn from industry professionals, gain real-world experiences, and connect with like-minded individuals. The CEC brings fashion, photography, authorship, dance, and business to the forefront of creative entrepreneurship.

Moriah's story is a testament to the power of the entrepreneurial spirit. She turned her humble beginnings, including waiting tables, into something that benefits her community. Her work inspires others to pursue their creative dreams and make a positive impact on their communities. If you're looking for inspiration to create your own path, Moriah Taylor is an excellent example of what's possible with hard work and dedication.

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March's Featured Commitee Member

Hope Ross Gibaldi

Hope Ross Gibaldi is a force to be reckoned with in the Western Massachusetts entrepreneurial ecosystem. As an Executive Committee Member of the Springfield Creative City Collective (SCCC), she is working to create a stronger creative economy in the region. 

February's Featured Commitee Member

Jasper McCoy

Meet Jasper McCoy, an artist, Springfield resident and architect by trade working to make an impact on the development of affordable housing in Springfield, MA. As an Executive Committee member of the Springfield Creative City Collective, he brings a unique perspective to the table, combining his professional expertise in architecture with his passion for community development.

January’s Featured Committee member

Tiffany Allecia M.Ed.

The Executive Director of the Springfield Creative City Collective, Tiffany Allecia M.Ed., has a background rooted in community organizing and a passion for improving the lives of minority and marginalized populations. 

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